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About the Tool

The R package provides individual risks of lung cancer and lung cancer death based on various published papers: Bach et al., 2003; Spitz et al., 2007; Cassidy et al., 2008 (LLP); Hoggart et al., 2012; Tammemagi et al., 2013; Marcus et al., 2015 (LLPi); Wilson and Weissfeld, 2015 (Pittsburgh); Katki et al., 2016 (LCRAT, LCDRAT, and versions constrained to a few variables); Katki et al., 2018; Cheung et al., 2019 (LYFS-CT).

This package also estimates the Life Years Gained From Screening-CT (LYFS-CT) as per Cheung et al., 2019. It requires the same variables as LCDRAT plus 12 additional comorbidities and the year of patient assessment.

Download Software (v4.1.1)

  • Windows O/S: 
  • Linux: lcmodels.tar.gz 
  • The Excel tool provides individual risks of lung cancer incidence (LCRAT), lung cancer death (LCDRAT), and life gained from screening with CT (LYFS-CT) based on Katki et al., 2016, and Cheung et al., 2019.
    Download Excel tool: lcrisks_tool.xlsx.



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