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2024 NCI Director’s Intramural Innovation Awards

, by Elise Tookmanian, Ph.D.

Haoyu Zhang, Jiyeon Choi, and Jessica Madrigal

Haoyu Zhang, Jiyeon Choi, and Jessica Madrigal.


The NCI Director’s Intramural Innovation Award Program is designed to support development of highly innovative approaches and technology aimed at significant cancer–related problems. Winning proposals showed potential for significant scientific or public health impact, as well as approach, innovation, and programmatic relevance to the mission of the Division. Recipients will use their awards in fiscal year 2024.

Principal Investigator Award Winners

Jiyeon Choi, Ph.D., M.S. - “Establishing an isoform-level single-cell splice-QTL dataset of normal lung from Asian women using long-read sequencing”

Haoyu Zhang, Ph.D. - “Multi-ancestry analyses of subtype-specific breast cancer risk to understand the disease etiology”

Career Development Award Winners

Jessica Madrigal, Ph.D., M.S. - “Improving health disparities research by incorporating geographic data and pseudoweighting methods to generalize cohort analyses to the US population”