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For Childhood Cancer Survivors, Inherited Genetic Factors Influence Risk of Cancers Later in Life

, by NCI Press Release

Researcher pipetting DNA samples.

Genetics may one day help inform a childhood cancer survivor’s risk of subsequent cancers.

Credit: iStock/Cavan Images

Todd M. Gibson, Ph.D., staff scientist in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch, and colleagues, reported in Nature Medicine, that common inherited genetic factors that predict cancer risk in the general population may also predict elevated risk of new cancers among childhood cancer survivors. Findings could potentially inform screening and long-term follow-up of those at greatest risk. 

The project is one of the Cancer Survivorship Research Unit initiatives. 

Read the press release on the NCI website.


Gibson TM, et al. Polygenic risk scores, radiation treatment exposures and subsequent cancer risk in childhood cancer survivors. Nature Medicine. 2024.