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Immune Function and Glioma Risk

DCEG is exploring the relationship between host immune function and risk for glioma; one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer yet a malignancy for which few definitive risk factors have been identified. While previous reports on allergy/atopy and risk of glioma showed an inverse association, these data were mainly from case-control studies and potentially prone to survival and recall bias. 

To minimize the bias from earlier studies, DCEG investigators examined medical records for a cohort of black and white male US veterans with relatively homogenous socioeconomic background. 

The investigators considered a collection of immune-related conditions and observed that history of allergy/atopy and diabetes of long latency to be associated with reduced risk of subsequent brain cancer. To advance our understanding of the mechanisms underlying these associations, future studies with prospectively ascertained and validated medical diagnoses, treatment information, and biological samples to measure immune function markers are needed.

For more information, contact Cari Kitahara.

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