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Atomic Bomb Survivors

DCEG investigators have been closely associated with studies of atomic bomb survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for several decades. Data from studies of the survivors are widely regarded as the gold standard in radiation risk assessment for acute, external exposure, and are the major source of information for setting international and national radiological protection standards and guidelines. A new updated cancer incidence report recently has been completed, which adds approximately 50% more cancers from the additional nine years of follow-up and uses the recently introduced DS02 dose estimates. In addition, a series of site-specific cancer incidence studies have been conducted to gain insights into radiation-related risks. These include studies of ovarian, thyroid, lung and breast cancers and lymphoid tumors. A number of molecular genetics studies are also now underway and as well as a number of new site-specific studies including studies of bladder and colon cancer, second cancers and sarcomas.

For more information, contact Kiyohiko Mabuchi.

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