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Principal Investigators in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch (REB)

Meet the principal investigators in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch (REB) and learn about their research programs.

Meet Current Fellows in REB.

  • Elizabeth K. Cahoon, Ph.D.

    Dr. Elizabeth Cahoon’s research focuses on cancer and precancer risks conferred by environmental sources of radiation exposure, including ultraviolet radiation and ionizing radiation.

  • Cari Kitahara, Ph.D.

    Dr. Kitahara is an epidemiologist and senior investigator in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch and a member of the Cancer Survivorship Research Unit. She studies radiation exposure and radiation-associated thyroid & brain cancers.

  • Choonsik Lee, Ph.D.

    Choonsik Lee, Ph.D., develops methods and tools to estimate radiation dose from medical exposures, including treatment and diagnostic tests, in order to generate reliable data for use in epidemiological studies of ionizing radiation and cancer risk.

  • Mark Little, D.Phil.

    Mark LIttle, D.Phil. investigates the effect of varying dose levels of ionizing radiation on cancer and cardiovascular disease risk and develops novel mechanistic models of carcinogenesis and related radiobiological endpoints to account for time variation in latency and other patterns of radiation-induced cancer risk.

  • Lindsay Morton, Ph.D.

    Dr. Morton’s research focuses on quantifying the risk of second cancers in different groups of cancer survivors, and elucidating the causes of second cancers. She is leading DCEG efforts to identify genetic variants associated with the development of second cancers, either independent of treatment exposures or that act jointly with specific treatments.

  • Jacqueline B. Vo, Ph.D., R.N., M.P.H.

    Dr. Vo, assistant clinical investigator in REB, works with Gretchen Gierach, Ph.D., Branch Director and senior investigator in the Integrative Tumor Epidemiology Branch (ITEB), to merge her clinical and epidemiological experiences to study treatment-related adverse effects in breast cancer survivors. Her interdisciplinary research program examines treatment-related cardiovascular disease and health inequities among cancer survivors and the disaggregation of Asian American from Pacific Islander individuals.