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Davis Lynn Recognized by Rising Star in Biomedical Research

, by DCEG Staff

Brittny Davis Lynn

Brittny Davis Lynn, Ph.D., in the Metabolic Epidemiology Branch, was nominated and selected as a 2018 Rising Star in Biomedical Research and has been invited to participate in a related training workshop in November at Johns Hopkins University.

Rising Stars in Biomedical Research is supported by the National Institutes of Health through the MIT IMPACT Program. The program hosts career development workshops aimed at bringing together top female and under-represented minority postdocs and senior graduate students in biomedical research. The program includes technical talks and panel discussions with faculty and researchers. Rising Stars has as its goal “to provide mentoring and support for top junior researchers as they transition to the next phase of their career, and to enable them to form connections with their cohort of investigators in different areas of biomedical research.”

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