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New study describes mortality risk associated with cigarette-, cigar-, or pipe-only use

, by DCEG Staff

New research from scientists at the National Cancer Institute and the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Tobacco Products, provides contemporary estimates of elevated risk of death from cancers known to be associated with tobacco among users of only cigars or pipes, as well as those who smoke only cigarettes. The findings were published online February 19, 2018, in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Using the National Longitudinal Mortality Study, investigators also identified elevated risk of dying from most examined causes of death, including cardiovascular and respiratory disease, among both current daily and non-daily cigarette smokers. Furthermore, the study showed an increased risk of death from all causes combined among current exclusive cigar smokers compared to never smokers.

This study adds to the limited existing body of research on the health effects of contemporary formulations of cigars and pipes, and provides evidence that exclusive use of cigars, pipes, or cigarettes, even nondaily cigarette use, each result in significant mortality risks. The findings underline the importance of smoking cessation to ultimately reduce the burden of death and disease caused by combustible tobacco use.

Reference: Christensen et al. Association of Cigarette, Cigar, and Pipe Use with Mortality Risk in the U.S. Population. JAMA Intern Med; February 19, 2018. DOI: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2017.8625.

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