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Pfeiffer Delivers Mildred Scheel Lecture

, by DCEG Staff

On June 18th, Ruth Pfeiffer, Ph.D., senior investigator in the Biostatistics Branch, delivered the 8th Mildred Scheel Lecture in Heidelberg, Germany, titled, “Breast Cancer Risk Model Requirements for Counseling, Prevention, and Screening.” Dr. Pfeiffer is a leading expert in the development of statistical methods and tools to address pressing questions in cancer risk prediction and epidemiology. Her research focuses on the development of absolute risk prediction models for breast and colorectal cancer, as well as techniques to resolve the many challenges that arise in the analysis of germline genetic information for etiologic studies.

Mildred Scheel Lectureship was established jointly by the German Cancer Research Center and German Cancer Aid and is supported by the DKFZ Executive Women’s Initiative. Their goals are to honor outstanding cancer researchers and scientists dedicated to the advancement of cancer research, as well as to encourage young researchers to pursue a scientific career.

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