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Jianxin Shi Awarded Scientific Tenure by the NIH

, by DCEG Staff

Jianxin Shi

In June 2016, Jianxin Shi, Ph.D., was awarded scientific tenure by the NIH. Dr. Shi develops statistical approaches to study the role of genetics in cancer etiology and survival, and analysis of the microbiome. His work has focused on methods to analyze genome-wide association data for the detection and association testing of copy number variations and for estimating genetic heritability of cancer survival.

In collaboration with Neil E. Caporaso, M.D., Chief of the Genetic Epidemiology Branch, and Maria Teresa Landi, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Shi is working to integrate vast data from the Environment And Genetics in Lung cancer Etiology (EAGLE) study to provide a comprehensive molecular characterization of lung cancer tumors.

In the area of microbiomics, Dr. Shi is developing methods for analyzing many layers of data, including species, genus, alpha and beta diversity, and other features.

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