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Sir David Cox Delivers Statistics Lecture Hosted by DCEG

, by DCEG Staff

Sir David Cox lectures to a DCEG audience via videoconference.

DCEG hosted a lecture in late January by the eminent statistician Sir David Cox, Ph.D. Speaking to a large audience via videoconference from his office in Oxford, England, Sir David presented his thoughts on broad unifying principles and new challenges in statistics. He discussed the role of statistics in emerging fields, such as machine learning and “big data” analysis, and delved into the difficult issue of how to define and prove causality. Sir David ended his talk by examining generalizability versus specificity of study results, and the implications for the field of precision medicine.

Sir David is an international expert in the field of biostatistics, best known for the eponymous Cox proportional hazards model, first published in 1972. His numerous contributions to the field have significantly advanced statistical methods and their application. He is an emeritus professor at Nuffield College of Oxford University.

Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, D.Phil., Chief of the Radiation Epidemiology Branch, hosted the virtual seminar from her former mentor and friend.

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