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From Facebook to the Hill: Communicating Research

, by DCEG Staff

Nicolas Wentzensen (right) and Jennifer Loukissas (left) on Capitol Hill.

Two DCEG staff represented the Division and the National Cancer Institute on important—and very different—public platforms. Megan Frone, M.S., C.G.C., genetic counselor in the Clinical Genetics Branch (CGB), participated in a Facebook Live discussion on Genomics for the NCI (also highlighted on Twitter). Nicolas Wentzensen, M.D., M.P.H., senior investigator and Deputy Chief in CGB was on Capitol Hill to deliver a briefing to congressional staff on accelerating global elimination of cervical cancer, in particular the automated visual evaluation, deep learning approach to cervical cancer screening. Their participation in these engagements was supported by Jennifer Loukissas and Maura Kate Costello.

Megan Frone (left) behind the scenes at NCI Facebook Live discussion on genomics, with Kenneth Aldape, (center) and Lyndsay Harris, (right).

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