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Mille Receives Bernard Wheatley Award

, by DCEG Staff

Matthew Mille (center) receives the Bernard Wheatley Award.

In May 2019, Matthew Mille, Ph.D., staff scientist in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch, received the Bernard Wheatley Award for best submitted paper to the Journal of Radiological Protection (JRP), for his paper entitled “Comparison of normal tissue dose calculation methods for epidemiological studies of radiotherapy patients.Choonsik Lee, Ph.D., senior investigator in REB and head of the dosimetry unit, served as the senior author on the paper. Dr. Mille was presented with the award at the Annual Conference of the Society for Radiological Protection in Scarborough, England.

In their paper, Dr. Mille and co-authors compared and evaluated the advantages and limitations of four different dose calculation algorithms, especially in terms of their accuracy and appropriateness for dose reconstruction in epidemiological investigations.

Prof Richard Wakeford, Editor in Chief of JRP, said the paper illustrated and addressed the fact that “codes used for treatment planning are not necessarily appropriate for making the dose estimates that are needed to underpin epidemiological studies of late effects arising in radiotherapy patients. It is particularly helpful in recommending the use of different codes depending on the irradiation regime and scope of the epidemiological study.”

Read more about the Bernard Wheatley Award.

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